Bouquet Inspirations: Tangerine Dreams

January 19, 2012

Today’s bouquet inspiration by Violet is beautiful, affordable, and for a whole wedding party! For $300 you get everything you need to make an amazing Bridal Bouquet, 2 Bridesmaids’ Bouquets, 2 Moms’ Corsages, 5 Boutonnieres (for your Groom, 2 Groomsmen and 2 Dads), and a Kissing Ball for a Flower Girl! And the flower packs used in this bouquet are customizable, so if orange isn’t your cup of tea, you can choose your own color!


DIY Flower Combos Used in this Inspiration:

Make Your Own Flower Centerpieces Combo Box – $99.99

Options with this Combo Box: This box comes with the fillers and greens shown then you get to choose your spray rose color!

  • 40 Stems of Spray Roses: Peach
  • 2 bunches of White Asters
  • 2 bunches of White Campanulas
  • 4 bunches of Ruscus Greenery

DIY Wedding Flowers 50 Roses and 30 Super Gerberas – $199.99

Options with this Combo Box: This box has a lot of options, this is what we chose, but you can customize based on your likes and needs!

  • 50 Roses (Bunch #1 – 25 Roses: Orange Hot) (Bunch #2 – 25 Roses: Orange Light)
  • Choose Gerbera Color: Orange
  • Choose Gerbera Center Color: Green Yellow
  • Choose 3 Filler Bunches: Peach Hypericum 10 Stem Bunches
  • Choose 2 Hearty Greenery Bunches: Aspidistras Green 5-8 Stem Bunches
  • Choose 2 Soft Greenery Bunches: Bear Grass 40 shoots per Bunch



Tangerine Dreams Bridal Bouquet

Tangerine Dreams Bridal Bouquet

For the bridal bouquet Violet used 10 orange super gerberas, 7-9 light orange roses and 7-9 hot or dark orange roses, 7 stems peach spray roses, 10 stems of white asters, 10 stems of peach hypericum berries, 20 stems of bear grass, and 5 aspidistra leaves. Arrange your focal and filler flowers as desired. Violet looped the bear grass and aspidistra leaves by tucking both ends into the bouquet. The bear grass can create bigger loops throughout the bouquet, and the aspidistra leaves are great for creating a base near the bottom of your bouquet! I found a great DIY tutorial for creating a bridal bouquet with Lily grass loops, so to get some tips, check out Sandra de Ovando’s DIY session here!

Tangerine Dreams Bridesmaids Bouquets

Tangerine Dreams Bridesmaids Bouquets

For each bridesmaids bouquet Violet used 7 orange super gerberas, 5 light orange roses and 5 hot or dark orange roses, 5 stems peach spray roses, 7 stems of peach hypericum berries, 5 stems of white campanula, 20 stems of bear grass, and 3 aspidistra leaves. In these bouquets, leave the bear grass long and flowy at the ends and use 3 loops of aspidistra to finish the base of your bouquet. Violets Tip: “Arrange into a longer, more wild flower garden shape for a casual look, or keep it rounded and tighter for a more formal/evening look!”

Tangerine Dreams Moms Corsages

Tangerine Dreams Moms Corsages

For each of the corsages Violet used 1 orange super gerbera, 2 roses (you can choose light, dark or one of each), 1 stem peach spray rose, bear grass and campanulas as desired. There are several ways to create corsages. You can glue your flowers onto corsage holders (which you can buy online by googling “corsage holders” or at most craft stores) and you can see how to make a corsage here. Or you can wire your flowers onto our floral arrangers, as seen in this post, then attach ribbon to tie around the wrist and any other decorations you wish.

Tangerine Dreams Boutonnieres

Tangerine Dreams Boutonnieres

For each boutonniere Violet used 1 rose (again, you can choose between light and dark orange for each one), hypericum berries and bear grass. Simply gather and shape the flowers as desired and then tape the stems together with floral tape to finish it off and give it a clean look.

Tangerine Dreams Flower Girl Kissing Ball

Tangerine Dreams Flower Girl Kissing Ball

Last but not least, we have the kissing or pomander ball for the flower girl! For the kissing ball Violet used 4 orange super gerberas, 3 large roses, 15 stems of peach spray roses and 20 stems of bear grass. Check out our DIY steps for creating these fun kissing balls here!

Ready to create your wedding party flowers for under $300?! Head to FiftyFlowers to get your DIY Flower Combos!


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